Glory Days

First, there was smoke from BC fires.  Then came snow.  

In a previous post, I mentioned that shoveling is enjoyable.  Minutes later, cold flakes fell.  After yanking my shovel from a dank, forgotten corner of the garage, scraping a half inch of ice off my windshield then fishtailing down the driveway, I came to face the harsh truth:

Snow in September is not acceptable.

Yeah, I realize it happens.  September, August, June…  Name a month -any month- and longtime Calgarians will describe how a birthday/picnic/wedding/family reunion was snowed out.

Personally, I could go on & on about snow blasting through my life in seasons that should, in a fair and balanced world, be green and bathed in sunshine.  For instance…

  • Pouring syrup on a  Stampede pancake breakfast while wearing mittens.
  • Launching snowballs into a sputtering fire in a campground (August Long, anybody?).
  • Stomping through six inches of slush in horizontal winds to take my wife out for dinner on our June anniversary.

Like I said, I could go on.

Or, we could let bygones be bygones.

Today, it’s more than midway through October.  September snows have been forgotten.

Hello sunshine, blue skies and colorful landscapes!

The better the weather, the more we want to get out there and explore.

As a real estate agent showing prospective listings to out of town buyers, I am always asked, “What is there to do around here?”

This ain’t no ordinary Cow Town.

You can peace out on our Peace Bridge, elevate your heart rate by walking up to 16 kms while suspended 15 feet above street level,* enjoy cocktails and appies in a rotating dining room that provides a superior view of the city and beyond.

Or, do what I did today and take a driving tour to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump.

But, before I show you the glory that was my sunny, mid-October Thursday, I am compelled to circle back to a fundamental truth… this is a real estate blog and I am a real estate agent.

Try as I might, I cannot NOT mention that, if snow shoveling or yard & lawn maintenance ain’t your thing, then consider condo living.  We have a lot to offer in this city, from bachelor apartments, to skyrise penthouse suites, to pet-friendly townhouses…and everything in between, including conventional or bareland condominium ownership.

Now, for a few highlights from today…

While in Cow Town, do as cowboys do and saunter along Cowboy Trail.


  • Notice how kilometers and feet are referenced in the same sentence?  That’s Canadian, eh?

Author: Kevin and Leanne

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Real Estate Mountain View.

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