The Showings Went Well Until the Cat Escaped

Documented Fact:  If you are selling, and therefore showing your home, somebody will leave your patio door open.

The truth is, showings are a pain in the butt.  Maybe, one day, if virtual reality and 3-D imaging move into the mainstream, prospective buyers will tour your home in their pajamas while lounging on their own beds, in their current homes.  You, the seller, will get the place showing ready once and only once before the virtual reality photo shoot, then you will gleefully sit back to wait for offers to roll in.

Until then, expect muddy footprints in your foyer.

If you have a weak constitution, better have a have a nip of something strong because I am here to tell you that chaos is synonymous with showing your home.

When you open your door to strangers, anything goes. A kid you have never met will jump on your bed.  An expecting Mom-to-be will use your washroom and be eternally grateful for the opportunity.  Random people, who should not care and truthfully don’t, will feel compelled to comment on why your refrigerator is stocked with pizza boxes instead of low fat, zero sugar, protein-enhanced yogurt.

Somebody will tangle the cord on your custom-fitted top-up, bottom-down window shades.

Right now, you are probably wondering if I even like buyers.

The answer is: AFFIRMATIVE

2 image

Buyers are the catalyst that triggers market momentum.  Cash flows from buyers to sellers, who then become buyers in the next tier of the market, which bumps those sellers into the buying market in the tier above, and so on, and so on…

So there you have it.  Showing your home is hard work.  You gotta clean it, pester your family to pick up after themselves, vacate at inconvenient times, then mop footprints and untangle drapery cords after is all said and done.

Pro Tip:  Pets are happiest if they aren’t present during showings.  It’s not always possible, but, if you can do it, arrange to have your furry friends removed from the home when prospective buyers are visiting.

And try not to stress too much.  Rest assured that the reason it feels like a lot of work to keep your home showing ready is because it really is.

If you want a smidgeon of insight into what it’s like to be a buyer, check out future posts.  There are two sides to every coin.  



Author: Kevin and Leanne

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Real Estate Mountain View.

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